A lot of variety in the Moselle region

The Moselle valley and Trittenheim

Get to know our Moselle valley, because there are places where nature has opened its treasure chest very wide. Embedded in the narrow valley of the Moselle, surrounded by vineyards, you’ll find Trittenheim in the middle of a breathtaking landscape.

Exercise in beautiful nature

Discover beautiful biking and hiking trails along 2000 years of cultural history. Whether you prefer tennis, golf or horse riding, everything is close by. Or how about a refreshing swim in a fantastic altitude?

Boat trip on the Mosel

Go on board, passing all the different types of wine towns and pay a visit to the medieval Bernkastel.

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Trier - Germany's oldest city

Or would you rather see the more than 2000 years old Trier, Germany's oldest city. A dream destination for a day with us.

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Bernkastel-Kues is one of the most beautiful cities in the region and is for more than 700 years characterized by its world famous wines. With its medieval townscape, dominated by the castle ruins Landshut, it is a popular destination.


Have you always wanted to visit our neighbouring country Luxembourg? Meet the people, discover the "little country" and marvel at their beauty...

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